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Hand Positions

Welcome to the Hand Positions section of Kung Fu Schools Online

Below you will find a collection of videos of correct hand positions to aid in your form training. We have also included some drills for you to practice.

Paying Respects

Fingers Upright

FIngers over the fist

Guard postion

Standard Guard Position is Man Sau Wu Sau.

Your front hand – Man Sau – is inquisitive hand

Your rear hand – Wu Sau – is your rear protecting had


Hand Shapes

1 - tan Sau

Neutral Front View

2 - Guan SAU

Neutral Front View

3 - Pak SAU

Neutral Front View

4 - High Pak SAU

Neutral Front View

1 - Tan SAU

Neutral Side View

2 - guan SAU

Neutral Side View

3 - Pak SAU

Neutral Side View

4 - High Pak SAU

Neutral Side View

four Hand shapes combined as pairs

four hand shapes - neutral

A drill that combines the four hand shapes in a neutral position:     Tan – Gaun – Pak – High Pak

four hand shapes - side view

 Four hand shapes combined as pairs from a side view 


There are multiple ways of changing your angle. In this section we are going to look at shifting.

Shift basics without the hand positions

Shifting progression

Hand Shapes Paired with shift

Tan Sau Shift

Pak Sau Shift

Gaun Sau Shift

high pak sau shift

Four Hand Shapes - Leg Forward

Four hand shapes with a leg forward perspective to encourage movement in the body

Four hand shapes - shift

Four hand shapes paired with a shift. A more challenging drill because you have the four hand shapes – paired – PLUS the movement