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Our Kung Fu Facilities

Experience Premier Wing Chun Training at Kung Fu Schools Crawley – Easily Accessible and Fully Equipped for Excellence

Centrally Located in West Sussex:

  • Convenient Access: Nestled in the heart of Crawley and within a stone’s throw from both Crawley and Three Bridges train stations, our school is perfectly positioned for easy access from neighboring suburbs and towns.
  • Destination for Enthusiasts: The distinctiveness of our syllabus attracts students from across the UK and beyond, making Kung Fu Schools Crawley a hub for dedicated practitioners.

State-of-the-Art Facilities at Kung Fu Schools Crawley:

  • Unmatched Equipment: Boasting the best Kung Fu facilities in West Sussex, our school features 4 Wooden Dummies, multiple punch bags, 4 Bobs for realistic training, Wing Chun wall bags, and a variety of training weapons including knives, bokken, sticks, and the traditional long poles (Luk Dim Boom Kwun) and Wing Chun swords(Batt Cham Do).
  • Optimized Training Environment: Train in a space with a full wall of mirrors, wooden floors for stability, an upstairs matted area for varied exercises, yoga mats, and meditation cushions to support your holistic training needs.
  • Comfort for All: Our airy school is equipped with heating for comfort and a dedicated seating area for parents and visitors to observe classes.

The Hub of Wing Chun Excellence:

  • Kung Fu Schools Headquarters: As the flagship location for the larger Kung Fu Schools family, we’re a central point for martial arts collaboration, regularly hosting peers from other schools and disciplines to share knowledge and techniques.

Kung Fu Schools Crawley – Where Tradition Meets Modern Training:

  • For Every Age and Skill Level: Whether you’re a child starting your martial arts journey, an adult enhancing your skills, or someone exploring Kung Fu for the first time, our school is designed to cater to all needs.
  • A Community of Martial Artists: Join a thriving community at Kung Fu Schools Crawley, where every student’s growth is our priority, and the pursuit of martial arts excellence is a shared passion.

Take the Next Step in Your Martial Arts Journey

  • Visit Us: Discover why Kung Fu Schools Crawley is the destination for martial arts enthusiasts. Our doors are open for you to become part of our vibrant Kung Fu family.

With unparalleled facilities and a welcoming atmosphere, Kung Fu Schools Crawley stands as a beacon for those seeking to explore and excel in Wing Chun Kung Fu.