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Balancing a Busy Life

Kung Fu Juice

In the world of Kung Fu, we’re all about flow, balance, and packing a punch — and not just on the training floor!

Just like a perfectly executed set of moves, our meals can be a delightful dance of flavours and nutrients that keep us kicking.

As a Kung Fu instructor, business owner, and parent here in lively Crawley, my days are full of action. To keep up, I need more than just good vibes; I need great food! That’s where the magic of blending comes in — think of it as your culinary Kung Fu, mixing up a storm of goodness in a glass.

I love starting my day with a smoothie that’s got as much kick as a dragon’s tail whip.

Into the blender goes a bit of this and a dab of that — maybe some avocado for creamy richness (just like our smooth Kung Fu moves), a handful of spinach for iron (strong like our stance), and a mix of berries for a zing of antioxidants (as energising as a morning form).

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