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Junior Warriors – Children’s Kung Fu 8 – 13 yrs old

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Junior Warriors Kung Fu Classes – Nurturing Courage and Connection

  • Building Confidence: Our ‘Fundamentals Class’ is a nurturing ground where children, even the shyest, blossom with confidence. Watching a once-reserved child volunteer to demonstrate techniques at the front of the class is a common and heartwarming sight at our Kung Fu school.
  • Social Skills & Friendship: In a supportive atmosphere, students learn to overcome shyness, making new friends, and building a community where everyone has something special to share.
  • Resilience Against Bullying: We empower our young warriors with anti-bullying strategies, equipping them with both the physical and emotional tools to handle challenging situations with confidence and composure.

Comprehensive Development – Beyond Martial Arts

  • Character Development First: We emphasise respect, discipline, and perseverance, developing non-physical strengths that carry over into all aspects of life.
  • Physical Mastery Follows: We guide students through self-defense techniques, striking equipment, partner work, drills, and safe weapon forms, enhancing their physical prowess in tandem with their personal growth.

Progressive Learning for the Aspiring Martial Artist

  • Skill Evolution: Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured to progressively build skills and deepen the martial arts experience week by week, promoting a profound understanding of martial arts as a lifelong pursuit.
  • Empowering Beliefs: We instill a mindset of achievement, encouraging our students to see themselves as capable and powerful, ready to excel inside and outside of the Kung Fu school.

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The path from our ‘Fundamentals Class’ leads to the ‘Black Belt Training’ and ‘Leadership Classes,’ each stage offering new challenges and growth. Begin with confidence-building at Kung Fu Schools Crawley, where your child can stand tall, proud, and ready to face the world.