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Discover the Benefits of Martial Arts


Enrolling your child in martial arts classes right here in Crawley provides immense benefits for their physical fitness, mental growth, and self-confidence. At Kung Fu Schools, we offer premier Wing Chun Kung Fu training to help set your local child up for success in life.

Improved Physical Fitness

Martial arts are an incredibly effective way for Crawley children to improve overall health and fitness. The training involves constant movement and cardio exercise that increases endurance, flexibility, strength and coordination. Kids burn calories and fat, boost metabolism, and build lean muscle. With rising obesity, martial arts encourages healthy active lifestyles among our town’s youth. The techniques also develop motor skills and bodily awareness.

Enhanced Self-Discipline

A major benefit of kids’ martial arts classes in Crawley is the mental and social skills it nurtures. Martial arts emphasizes self-discipline, respect, focus and patience. The training requires students to follow instructions, set goals and practice skills over time. This instills essential life lessons about hard work, perseverance and controlling impulses that will serve them well in Crawley.

Self-Defense Skills

Martial arts empowers kids with confidence and ability to protect themselves if necessary here in town. The training teaches essential self-defense techniques, including strikes, kicks, blocks and escapes. However, children also learn when and how to use these skills appropriately. Martial arts fosters a calm, controlled response to confrontation rather than uncontrolled aggression.

Improved Focus

In each martial arts session, students must pay close attention to the instructor, follow directions precisely, and memorize complex movement patterns. This level of active focus improves their attention span, learning abilities, and school performance. The mental stimulation helps Crawley kids concentrate better and longer on intellectual tasks.

Boosts in Self-Esteem

Martial arts provides a healthy outlet for managing stress and anxiety. As children master techniques and earn each belt, their confidence grows. Achieving goals through hard work gives an immense sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. This boost in confidence positively impacts their behavior and outlook.

Experience the Benefits at Kung Fu Schools

Teaching Wing Chun in Crawley since 1991, we have over 40 years of experience helping local kids thrive. Try our martial arts classes free during a 4-week trial membership. Reserve your child’s spot online now and call 01293 611376 with questions. This is the perfect opportunity to improve your child’s wellbeing through martial arts!