Martial Arts Classes in Crawley

I taught martial arts classes for children and adults from West Green First School for over 10 years before moving to a full time location not far from there…

Kung Fu Schools Crawley, 1a Spindle Way, Crawley.

Having a full time venue has a variety of benefits:

  • Expansive timetable, giving lots of classes to choose from
  • Fully equipped with punch bags, wooden dummies, mats, mirrors, kick shields, training weapons
  • Team of instructors that teach children and adults, making sure that the classes continually run (no cancelling classes because the instructor is ill or on holiday)
  • Family, personal feel developed because we all come together to learn, share and exchange ideas, motivate and encourage each other
  • Separate martial arts classes for children and adults
  • Beginners classes, so if you’re new to martial arts… no problem 🙂
  • Intermediate and advanced classes for those who want to continue their Kung Fu journey

The best way to get a feel for our martial arts school, is to come along and try for yourself.

And what better, easier way than to try FREE for 4 weeks.

Whether that’s for yourself, a child or family

And no better time than now 🙂

Give us a call on 01293 544 333


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