Kung Fu gives you the opportunity to learn to defend yourself, and your family.

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Kung Fu teaches you what you need to know in order to defend yourself and those you love. In an, unfortunately, ever increasingly violent world, this is all too often necessary. The one situation we never want to be in is that of needing to protect those we love and not having the skills and knowledge to do so. By learning Kung Fu you can ensure that you are more likely to be a protector and not a victim.

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At Kung Fu Schools we teach Wing Chung Kung Fu, which is particularly effective in close combat. Strong defense is used along with quick punches and palm strikes, together with agile stances allowing for quick advance as well as a stable footing. Wing Chun is an incredibly effective and unique fighting style as attacks and defense work simultaneously. This makes it the ideal form of self-defense.

The techniques you’ll learn will teach you to overcome force by use of positioning, turning and body structure, rather than meeting it head on. Force on force will only bring you to stalemate and Kung Fu will give you the skills needed to avoid this and take control of any situation. Another important aspect of Kung Fu that you will be taught, is to read your opponent, a skill that will prove to be devastatingly effective for you. It will enable you to be one step ahead and so reacting more quickly than you otherwise would be.

As you progress through the Wing Chun system you’ll also be trained in the use of weapons such as, Long Pole, Escrima Sticks, Short Swords and knives.
Kung Fu will give you the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge that are essential to defending yourself and those close to you.

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