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Bruce Lee Trained Wing Chun for a Reason

Bruce Lee trained in Wing Chun Kung

Bruce Lee was renowned for his speed and grace as a martial artist. The foundations of his amazing skills were built upon Wing Chun Kung Fu. Many of the most iconic moments in his movies come straight out of a Wing Chun Kung Fu class.

Now I’m not saying that you’ll end up being the next Bruce Lee (we can all dream ?). However, I can say from over 25 years Kung Fu, that with some time, persistence and focus that most people are amazed at how their skill and movement transform in relatively short time (4 – 6 months) and continue to love the journey as the changes become even greater.

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Some of the Benefits of Training at Kung Fu Schools Crawley are:

  1. Self Defence – we place a strong focus on helping you develop realistic self defence skills
  2. Awareness of the Environment – which goes hand in hand with self defence and arguably more important in defending yourself than any specific martial arts technique.
  3. Awareness of Yourself – Most of us are frightening unaware of ourselves. Often not even understanding why or how we feel unhealthy or in pain. I believe that Kung Fu is one of the best ways to take time to appreciate yourself, your body, your mind.
  4. Health – From day 1 you’ll be encouraged to move correctly, have a posture that enables great movement, breath and mental focus.
  5. Fitness – The classes are designed to improve you as a martial artist first. However, the training which involves punches, palm strikes, elbows, knees, kicks and pretty much every part of your body as a tool for self defence will certainly work you a little too.
  6. Stress Relief – Modern life has put a lot of additional stresses on us, which without a suitable outlet can build up and be destructive. Training at Kung Fu Schools will give you a fantastic outlet from the stress…. in fact, I’m sure you’ll pick up a number of different ways of elevating stresses that with practice, carry on way after the classes have finished.
  7. Self Discipline – Just by turning up you’re already be well on the road to improving your self discipline. We will work with you, encouraging, motivating and showing you by our example that self discipline is something that can be developed and when it is… almost any thing can be accomplished
  8. Social – Our classes are professional and friendly… Almost everyone walks in feeling a little apprehensive, not sure of what to expect…. one of my greatest pleasures is watching how over the weeks that apprehension dissolves and is replaced by eagerness to train and be with the other students who are also loving their Kung Fu journey.
Bruce Lee using Wing Chun Kung Fu

Bruce Lee using Wing Chun Kung Fu in The Movie Enter The Dragon

Sifu Paul Hawkes - Chief Instructor Kung Fu Schools Crawley

Sifu Paul Hawkes

These are just a handful of the reasons that people start training at Kung Fu Schools Crawley. You may well have other or additional reasons.

I’m a little biased ? I love training here, have loved my Kung Fu journey for over 30 years and looking foreward to another 50+ years of training.

Our 4 weeks FREE Kung Fu training has no catches.

We won’t ask you for a deposit, make you buy unifom… no obligations.

We do have a couple of offers that we’ll discuss with you when you come in.

But if you train for 4 weeks and don’t want to join… no problem…. we’ll just shake hands and part as Kung Fu friends.

Of course, I’m hoping that we’ll continue along this Kung Fu journey together, sharing the many experiences that will arise.

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