1st June 2011 paulhawkes

Childrens Graduation Ceremony at the Kung Fu Schools HQ in Crawley

Friday, 13th May 2011 and we’ve just seen over 50 kids rewarded for their hardwork over the past few months with their new belt and grading certificate.

Teaching children the value of goal setting and the secrets of eating an elephant — one bite at a time!

It takes years to achieve a Black Belt — a long time for an adult martial artists — what feels like a lifetime (or more) for many of our children aged 4 through to 13 years.  Instead they learn the value of breaking a big achievement like a Black Belt broken down into smaller tasks.

Then it’s simply a matter of persistance and dedication over the years.

Here’s a short clip of our youngsters in action from 4 through to 13 — from White through to Black — performing in front of their family and friends to give them a glimpse at what they’ve been working hard for over the past few months.


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Sifu Paul & Alan

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