Helping Your Child Cope with the Anxiety of Going Back to School

Back to School with Kung Fu Schools

It’s not surprising that many children and teenagers get themselves worked up over the thought of going back to school after the summer holidays.

They may even become withdrawn, be hard to talk with, get upset, cry, become angry, have temper tantrums, stop eating, suffer from stomach issues or get headaches


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Kung Fu helps with the stresses of life

Kung Fu Helping Through Lifes Maze

A Few Concerns Your Child May Have:

  • Who will I sit next to?
  • Who will my new teacher be?
  • what will she/he be like?
  • Will I like them?
  • Will they like me?
  • Will any of my friends be in my class
  • Where is the class – where are the classes?
  • Will I get lost on my way to class
  • How will I get to school?
  • Who will be on the bus?
  • What if there’s someone that’s horrible to me in my class?
  • How much homework will there be?
  • What if I don’t understand the new school work?
  • I’m one year closer to doing my GCSE’s
  • What will my uniform look like on me?
  • I’ll be the little fish in a big pond
Let your children try Kung fu for FREE


It’s totally normal that your child has worries about going back to school… I’m pretty sure most adults have some worries when they change jobs, change department, get a new manager/boss or even when a new colleague joins them.

However… it is essential that your child attends school (or is home educated)
You will only reinforce your child’s fears if you allow them to skip school.
We all face challenges that we need to overcome, and a new school year can be one of those challenges for a lot of children and teenagers.

When They Overcome It:

  • Anchors their strength
  • Show’s the importance of adaptability, there will always be things changing.
  • Encourages close and honest communication between you and your teenager/child

Their Fears are Very Real to Them…. Much as though it would be great if saying “it’ll be alright” and giving a reassuring tap on the shoulder would resolve all the anxieties, unfortunately… it just won’t cut it.

Some of what they are worried about may actually happen…

  • They get a teacher they don’t get on with
  • A good friend has made another friendship and is not as close to them as they were
  • The school bully is in their class
  • They don’t understand the new school work
Friendly & Supportive Kung Fu Classes

Friendly & Supportive

It’s up to us as parents to do our very best to equip our children with the tools to them navigate through life.

  • A Good Starting Point: small but often overlooked things.
  • They need your total attention, be fully present… feel and truly hear their concerns
  • Make it Easy for them to Share their Worries
  • Ask your child what’s making them concerned

Discuss ways they can solve their own problems… I usually start form a worse case situation and work from there. I’m always surprised with how many options there are, admittedly not all ones that I’d choose to take (especially the worst case one)

Explain how they are learning all the time, just as we are. That’s what experience is.

Focus on something within their control such as talking with you about their day.

Practice belly breathing. Placing your hand over your navel and focusing on your belly inflating as you breath in through your nose and go down as you breath out through your lips (this is a very simplified version but effective)

Reassure them that you are there for them and there will always be a number of options.

Let you children try Kung fu

How Can Kung Fu Help?:

Developing Inner Strength Through Kung Fu

Developing Inner Strength Through Kung Fu

# Confidence

Through regularly attending classes our students learn and experience that being persistent leads to success in training which naturally transfers outside the Kung Fu School to other areas of their life.

# Compassion

Training alongside other children or teenagers (age specific classes) allows them to see everyone is different. We consistently reinforce that they are all individuals yet look after each other. To have respect and compassion for themselves and others.
Be tolerant and understanding when they don’t do as well as they’d hopped and to think and treat everyone else the same.
Although this doesn’t mean they should tolerate bullying in any form, but that’s a subject for another day.



Let you children try Kung fu

# Social Skills

You’ll immediately feel the family like atmosphere when you walk in to our Kung Fu School. We talk with the students and encourage them to interact with us within the class. Demonstrating techniques, answering questions and as they gain experience, buddying new students, helping their “younger KungFu brothers and sisters”

# Focus and Being Present

We already have the advantage teaching Kung Fu that lots of children’s have watched cartoons and films with Kung Fu characters sitting cross legged, listening to the Master Shifu and repeating moves that he has shown them.
We build upon this with a very clear structure and progressive curriculum that encourages them to be focused, do their best and enjoy their Kung Fu.





Let you children try Kung fu


# Physical Techniques that Actively Help Control and Reduce Anxiety

The Kung Fu system that we teach has it’s roots in The Shaolin Temple where the monks were famous for their control over themselves despite the many hardship that they faced.
We pass many of these techniques and practices across through our classes.

Support and Guidance at Kung Fu Schools Crawley

A Listening Ear

# Support

We have a reward system where recognise and reward the children’s efforts outside of the Kung Fu School…
When they bring in a certificate from school, other activities, parents saying how they’ve helped we acknowledge and reward them at the end of the class in front of all their peers (they absolutely love this, even the most shy of children)
Quite often a parent approaches us and mentions that their son or daughter is having a challenge and their child would listen to the instructor because of high regard they view the instructors with… which of course, we are always happy to do.

The classes are fun and very structured. Our attention to detail, coupled with a lively, progressive training curriculum and a professional enthusiastic instructors team and a genuine care for everyone within our KungFu school and community create a wonderfully environment where the children, teenagers and adults really blossom.



Let you children try Kung fu



Proud & Happy with Their Accomplishments at Kung Fu Schools Crawley

Proud & Happy with Their Accomplishments

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Let you children try Kung fu