Kung Fu Schools Says “NO TO BULLYING”

Bullying happens in most schools and nearly every child has either seen or been bullied in some shape or form to some degree.

Bullies are opportunists and use their strength, popularity and power to harm, control or manipulate others.
Nick Buckfield the head children’s instructor and double Olympian has shared a story from when he was younger further down the page.

What Is A Bully?

A bully is someone who does not do things by accident , they intend to physically or emotionally injure a person or group.
This may not be a one time only thing.
It can lead to emotional scarring and lower someone’s self esteem which often has a profound effect later on in life.
There are many types of bullying but can come under 4 main headings:
  •  Physical            – hitting , punching, shoving
  •  Verbal               – name calling
  •  Emotional        –  leaving people out of games deliberately
  •  Cyber bullying – using the Internet , texting, emailing, snap chat, Instagram , Facebook etc

How Training at Kung Fu Schools Crawley will help

We can help rebuild your child’s confidence and self esteem,
dealing with the situation before the it might get out of hand.
This is our 5 point plan to over coming the bully
  • Recognise the bullying
  • Verbally diffuse the bully
  • Control the distance between you and the bully
  • Physical protection and evasive skills against the bully
  • Report bully and action taken

We believe in confident and happy children.

Try our 30 day free trial, no money up front.
Just a chance for you and your child
to experience our classes first hand.
We would love to hear from you.
Testimonial from a Parent who’s Child grew in Confidence
Since joining Kung Fu school my son has gained an incredible amount of self confidence. The instructors have been instrumental in increasing his confidence and self-belief whilst instilling in him that fighting is a last resort. He is now more aware of what is happening around him and is able to act accordingly. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons and with the confidence brought about through the proper instruction is now able to make a stand against those that have previously bullied him and others.
We wanted to express how passionate we are about anti-bullying.
From Nick Buckfield – head children’s instructor at Kung Fu Schools Crawley
and double Olympian (Pole Volt)

Looking back through my childhood I don’t think there would be one person in my school whether it was junior or secondary where you either witnessed or experienced some sort of bullying. Obviously this comes in all shapes and sizes and through different means.

We are a society of social media wannabe experts which definitely brings a different dynamic to any bullying.

Back in my day the Internet wasn’t even around , so if there was any type of bullying it would come from verbal, emotional or physical means. This means unless you were in the presence of such a person it was hard for it to occur anywhere else.

Times have so changed we can be contactable anywhere and generally anytime by a touch of a button and things can go viral very quickly..which for cyber bullying can play havoc on people’s lives.
Most people think that people who are bullied , is because they look weak, vulnerable , lack general confidence. Yes these are a  few reasons why a bully may take this opportunity to manipulate and use their power to harm.

anti bullying Crawley

When I was in secondary school, my forte was sport, it’s what i excelled at, it was my gift, whether it was running , jumping, throwing, kicking. I’d like to think i had quite a few friends at school, believed I wasn’t disliked and stayed mainly  out of trouble.
I had one instance where I was bullied. It was mainly a form of verbal bullying because I excelled in all our PE lessons, we had a substitute teacher who took it upon himself to use me to demonstrate, any activity , I’m guessing because I did it well.

I was taunted, called names and generally picked on over a few weeks maybe months, it did start to have an effect on me. I felt I wasn’t showing off just doing what I was good at and just wanted to do my best.I would fake illness because i didn’t want to go to school especially on the days we had PE. I found myself not wanting to do my PE lessons, so to avoid the feeling that it could be my fault. I just didn’t understand why all of a sudden I was being picked on……. I didn’t tell my mum or teachers about any of it as I thought they would just say it was a bit of teasing.

I started to feel anxious about going into school let alone my PE lessons. It then started and ended up in the classroom, name calling things being thrown at me. I remember one day I just had enough, I’m very slow to anger, however, I will always protect myself if I feel threatened but it took a long time to take action.

It was one of the ring leaders and he was on his own, the teacher had just popped out of the classroom and the taunting started.. I felt so angry and decided that was the day it was going to stop.. I remember walking from my table, eyes directed straight at the bully and I  lifted his table and push him off his chair. A few stern words to add to the force thrown at him and stood my ground firmly. There was no reaction from himI was surprised.

This was the turning point and from that moment , things went back to normal. Im sure in some cases some people can’t make that choice to stand up and due to this things could get worse. Said Nick.

Bullying has been around for years and it’s been made more aware now in schools and in the workplace. There is an Anti-bullying week  (16th-20th November) which our Kung Fu school is deeply involved with in the local schools.

I now have the privilege to help others conquer their fears in stopping bullying .

If you would like us to come along to your school or club please drop us an e-mail (team@kungfuschools.org) or give us a call on 01293 544 333

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